The versatility and green tradition of Mediterranean food

Linea Verde products are based on Mediterranean tradition. We want to provide healthy and delicious food that is affordable and quick to prepare. When you choose our product, you know you’re consuming food made with high quality ingredients, food that ignites conversation and tastes delicious. Couscous, still relatively unknown in Finland is a great substitute for potato, pasta or rice. Bringing a fresh breath of air, some of couscous advantages in daily life are its versatility and simplicity. Classic Medium Couscous made out of Durum wheat is a good example of this. The steamed and parboiled couscous is ready to be served in only 5 minutes!
A Mediterranean diet is based on daily exercise, locally grown ingredients and minimization of industrially processed ingredients and is considered one of the healthiest in the world. In this culinary culture, dining with family and friends is held in high regard. These special moments in time can be either quick snacks or dinners that last for hours. A Mediterranean diet has been proved to reduce the risk of heart diseases and for several decades the area has reported the lowest cancer and coronary artery ratings in Europe. People living in this area also have the longest life expectancy on our continent. If you value this – try our Organic Luomu Couscous.